Resources & Advanced Materials Department

Mg (Magnesium) Compound

We deal in fused magnesia, heavy burned magnesia, light burned magnesia, and fine ceramics, which are materials of refractory materials , high purity magnesia for use as a glass material from Iwatani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., and others.
To diversify the sources, we deal in magnesia raw materials from different countries and regions.
We provide various grades of products that suit various purposes of use.

■Countries/regions where we offer the products
Japan, China, Australia, Middle East, Europe, and the United States
Raw material of refractory materials, glass, fertilizers, flue-gas desulfurization, chemical products, and others


■Products offered
High Purity Magnesia ・ Magnesite

High Purity Magnesia


We produce high purity magnesia by oxidizing and micronizing high purity metallic magnesium using the Iwatani Process, our patented technology.
With only a small amount of impurities, our high purity magnesia is used in a wide variety of fields where high functionality is required, thereby supporting cutting-edge technologies.

Raw material of high purity ceramics, raw material of glass, vapor deposition material for PDP, and others
■Products offered
Magnesium hydroxide (MH-30)
Magnesium oxide (TMK-30)
Heavy magnesia (MJ-30)

For details of the High Purity Magnesia, please contact the following.
Osaka Advanced Materials Section  TEL : 81-6-7637-3111  FAX : 81-6-7637-3105



We deal in magnesia clinker and fused magnesia from Liaoning Province, China.
We fire and fuse magnesite mined in Liaoning Province. We deal in magnesite in grades that are appropriate for a variety of purposes.

Refractory materials, glass raw materials, electronic materials, and others
■Products offered
Caustic calcined magnesia (MgO 98% min and others)
Dead burned magnesia (MgO 97.5% min and others)
Fused magnesia (MgO 99.0% min and others)

For details of the Magnesite, please contact the following.
Minerals Advanced Materials Section  TEL : 81-6-7637-3096  FAX : 81-6-7637-3105