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Na (Sodium) Compound

We deal in salt cakes (sodium sulfate) and soda ash (sodium carbonate) produced in China for various industrial applications, including synthetic detergents and raw material of glass.


■Products offered
Sodium Sulfate ・ Soda Ash

Sodium Sulfate

We deal in salt cakes produced in China, whose raw material is water from salt lakes.

Synthetic detergents, bath additives, dyeing, colorants, glass, paper, iron and steel, and others
■Products offered
Sodium Sulfate (neutral products)
Sodium Sulfate (alkaline products)

For details of the Sodium Sulfate, please contact the following.
Osaka Advanced Materials Section TEL : 81-6-7637-3111  FAX : 81-6-7637-3105

Soda Ash: Na2Co3


Soda ash (sodium carbonate: Na2CO3) is an alkaline basic chemical substance. It is white powder used in various industrial fields, including sheet glass.
At Iwatani, we have been trading with a major soda ash manufacturer in China for many years. We supply high-quality soda ash in a reliable manner.

Main raw material of glass of every kind, synthetic detergents, water treatment materials, and others
■Products offered 
Soda Ash (dense)
Soda Ash (light)

For details of the Soda Ash, please contact the following.
Osaka Advanced Materials Section  TEL : 81-6-7637-3111  FAX : 81-6-7637-3105