Resources & Advanced Materials Department

Ta/Nb (tantalum/niobium) Compound

We deal in high purity tantalum pentoxide and niobium pentoxide and other type of compound Produced overseas.

Ta/Nb pentoxide
Ta/Nb tetrahydroxide
Ta/Nb metal powder
Optical glass, lithium tantalate single crystals (LT), lithium niobate single crystals (LN), optical thin film materials, piezoelectric bodies, dielectric bodies, ferrite, sputtering target and others
■Grades offered
Ta/Nb pentoxide
・Piezoelectric body grade : Ta2O5>99.9%. Nb2O5>99.9%
・Optical glass grade : Ta2O5>99.99%. Nb2O5>99.99%
・Single crystal grade : Ta2O5>99.99%. Nb2O5>99.99%

Ta/Nb Tetrahydroxide
・general grade
・High purity grade

Ta/Nb metal powder
・general grade : 99.9%
・High purity grade : 99.95%