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Tungsten Compound

Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals and has a high level of hardness.
Accordingly, its applications include cemented carbide and catalysts.

Cemented carbide tools, catalysts, special steel, and others
■Products offered
Tungsten metal
Sodium tungstate
Tungsten trioxide
Tungsten carbide
Ammonium paratungstate (APT)
Ammonium metatungstate (AMT)

Tungsten metal

Product Mean Particle Size(μm) W(%) Mo(%)
Tungsten metal 0.4〜40 ≧99.9 <0.002

Sodium tungstate

Product WO3(%) Na2WO4・2H2O(%) Mo(%)
Sodium tungstate ≧69 ≧99 <0.002

Tungsten blue oxide

Product Mean Particle Size(μm) WO2.9-2.97(%)
Tungsten blue oxide(BTO) 7-18μm ≧99.95

Product Mean Particle Size(μm) WO3(%)
Tungsten yellow oxide(YTO) 10-18μm ≧99.95

Tungsten carbide

Product Mean Particle Size(μm) W(%) Mo(%)
Tungsten carbide 0.5〜30 ≧99.8 <0.003

Ammonium paratungstate(APT)

Product WO3(%)
Ammonium paratungstate(APT) 88.5

Ammonium metatungstate(AMT)

Product WO3(%)
Ammonium metatungstate(AMT) 91

Molybdenum Compound

Molybdenum has high melting point, low thermal expansion, and high thermal conductivity.
Accordingly, it's being used in many kinds of application.

Catalysts ,ceramics, sintering setter for magnetic material, additive for steel and others
Molybdenum oxide
Ammonium molybdate
Molybdenum powder
Molybdenum metal
Molybdenum plate